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Design Series® Finishes
DW Design Series® drums (including The Frequent Flyer™) are offered in four UV-cured lacquer finishes and FinishPly™:
Cherry Stain Lacquer (gloss), Gloss White (gloss), Black Satin (matte), Tobacco Burst (gloss), Deep Blue Marine and Silver Slate Marine.

The Acrylic drums are clear, seamless, and non-tinted.

The Mini-Pro kit is offered in two finishes:
Tobacco Burst and Black Satin.

See your authorized DW Drums retailer to learn more.

*Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Prop 65 Warning
Images appearing herein are examples and may only approximate the appearance of an actual product.
   Due to the nature of wood as a unique and organic material, imperfections or variations in wood grain or color will vary.
Computer monitors vary in their display of colors and details and may only approximate the appearance of an actual product.


Deep Blue Marine
Deep Blue Marine
Silver Slate Marine
Silver Slate Marine

Gloss Lacquer

Cherry Stain (gloss)
Cherry Stain
Tobacco Burst (gloss)
Tobacco Burst
Gloss White (gloss)
Gloss White
Steel Gray (gloss)
Steel Gray

Satin Lacquer

Black Satin
Black Satin

Design Series® Acrylic ▼

Clear Acrylic
Clear Acrylic

Mini-Pro Finishes ▼

Tobacco Burst
Tobacco Burst
Black Satin
Black Satin


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UV-cured Lacquer Finishes and FinishPly™


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