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6000 series hardware
With sleek, retro styling and modern features, 6000 Series hardware is the perfect compliment to any Jazz, Classics or even rock set-up. A versatile aluminum flushed-base design can be locked flat or raised for easier placement around the kit. Some of today's most notable players swear by 6000 hardware because it's lightweight yet tough enough for touring.

For a matching set, choose the 6000 Series line of bass drum pedals. Modeled after the very first DW pedals ever produced in the early 70's and available in three drive systems, 6000 Series pedals feature a lightweight radius rod and single chain for a light, subtle feel.

See the entire line of 6000 Pedals and Hardware at a retailer near you.


Classic Style, Modern Technology, for those who believe Less is truely More.


Retro Flush Base Stands, Trap Case Thrones, and more...

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